Module 1 Leadership and Ministry
Unit 1 Perceived Strengths (LM)  
Unit 2 Perceived Challenges (LM)  
Unit 3 Personality Inventory (LM)  
Unit 4 External Perspective (LM)  
Unit 5 You're Not Qualified (LM)  
Unit 6 Hubris – Pride Goeth Before the Fall (LM)  
Unit 7 Jesus – Leadership and Authority (LM)  
Unit 8 Apostolic Leadership (LM)  
Unit 9 The Body of Christ – Strength in Diversity (LM)  
Unit 10 GPMTJ and the Body of Christ (LM)  
Unit 11 What is Ministry (LM)  
Unit 12 Charismatic Leadership (LM)  
Unit 13 Collaborative Leadership (LM)  
Unit 14 Servant Leadership (LM)  
Unit 15 Leadership Styles in the GPMTJ (LM)  
Unit 16 Your Unique Ministry – Here I am, Lord (LM)  
Unit 17 Engaging with Leadership (LM)