✠Knights Templar College✠



Crucem sanctam subiit, qui infernum confregit

“He bore the holy cross, who shattered hell”


What we do:

Here, we train Templars.


Knights Templar College ✠ Mission Statement:

To educate, train, and inspire each Templar to embrace and exercise their own God-given gifts and leadership style, so that each graduate is recognized as a person of integrity and character, committed to their Christian faith as lived through the Knightly Virtues, and prepared for excellence in dedication and service to their family, community, nation, priory and the Order.


Knights Templar College ✠ Seal:


Established November 29th, 2018,

Renamed and reorganized February 1, 2023


The Knights Templar College ✠ colors are:

Blue- represents the Templar principles of perseverance and vigilance.

Red- Blood of our Liege LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST

White- Purity of our Liege LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST

Black- represents the ever-present forces of evil we fight against


Knights Templar College’s mascot is a white War Horse named Crusader.